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Divided By A Common Language

Here’s an amazing young fellow, who can spit out more accents than I was even aware existed! I can’t speak for the non-US accents, but the dialects from the US north and the US south were perfect! He did an Italian-American one that wasn’t as good, but the other two? Perfecto!


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5 thoughts on “Divided By A Common Language

  1. Linguistics is a bit of a hobby of mine… very nice! So you can use embeddable YouTube videos at WP?

    I sincerely wish that Brits were a little more aware of American English dialects; the ones I’ve spoken to are only aware of the General American (which you’ve referred to as “US North”) and the Southern accents. General American is most often used for television, somewhat how the BBC used to use only Received Pronunciation. It is “plain” (as they told me) by definition (does not have any telltale regional influences), and originates from the Midwest, somewhere around Iowa. (Accents from California to my home state of Washington– the Pacific Northwest in general– are variants of General American.)

    That said, I think his “posh” RP might need a little work. I also agree his NY Italian-American needs some work, but y’know, in my experience, even that varies a little depending where in NY it is. I’ve met enough “foreigners” to say his other British Isles, European, and African accents seem fairly good. (One of my pharmacists is from South Africa and a few of my neighbors are African– not Nigeria, can’t remember where).

    Now– if you could find a version that reflects differences in Spanish dialects throughout Spain and Latin America, THEN I’d be flabbergasted! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m amazed at this guy, period. Not all of his accents were spot on, but I could see the direction in which they were heading.

      Yes, it’s quite easy to embed a YouTube video. Just click on the upload video icon and enter the URL.

      Interesting linguistic background you have there!

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