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Mulberry Street

I absolutely love this picture, taken around 1900 in New York City. Mulberry Street was a pretty slummy place back then. I think it was eventually razed. I first heard the name from Jacob Riis. This may be one of his photos, with color added manually:

Mulberry Street
Mulberry Street


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8 thoughts on “Mulberry Street

    1. Shorpy, eh? Very cool site! Thanks for the information about it. I love history in general, especially those places where I can almost place myself in an earlier time. I wish I had an old phonograph and some 78s. I’d be in heaven!

  1. oo oo
    I know this one.
    It’s about four blocks from Sair’s dorm.
    Though I don’t know the cross street, of course.
    She’s just below Canal.

    The piece near her looks just like this, adjusted for becoming Chinatown, and Little Italy on the far side of Canal.
    But same skyline, and fascinating to ramble through.

    1. Yes, absolutely! According to what I’ve read, this area eventually became part of Chinatown. I love the street vendors lining the sidewalk.

  2. hey Margy – there’s this tv show that was on for about two seconds called New Amsterdam – the opening credits were of a street very much like this one in New York, and then time lapsed to today – they were really cool – i tried to find it on YouTube, but i can’t – cool pic!

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