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A Smell To Come Home To

Today started out quite well. We went apple picking with the in-laws, who then treated us to dinner out. We came back and spent some time drinking tea and talking. We were really enjoying ourselves, but at the same time kept wondering what the strange, not very pleasant, smell was. Had some food gone bad? I took out the garbage, as a precautionary measure, but that didn’t seem to stop it. It wasn’t bad enough to stop our spending time together, so we did and eventually the in-laws went home.

I spent a little while on the computer, then started to get ready for a shower. Something smelled “off” in the bathroom. Mildew? It had been rainy. I figured that was it.

Then my husband called me from downstairs, with a “Margy, I need you to come downstairs right now.” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what that was all about and, besides, I was just about to start getting ready for a shower. I grumbled downstairs and my husband led me to the basement.

I believe the term, “Oh, shit” would be the most appropriate one.

The basement stank like a sewer, and there was water on the floor next to the washing machines. What was going on? And the rest of the house was definitely taking on the same odor, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. My husband dug around behind the washer and drier and near the hot water heater and found, behind the door of a long-stopped old-fashioned toilet, a little river of very foul running water.

We conferred with our co-owners (we own half of a two-family side-by-side condo), who concluded that a sewer drain pipe had gone awry somewhere and it was pretty much time to call a plumber. This was Saturday night, near midnight. My husband took up the bucket brigade, bilgeing out some pretty foul water, while I scanned our business listings for a 24 hour emergency plumber. Actually, a 24 hour emergency drain cleaner. Given the smell down there, I’m glad I’m not a drain guy.

We were able to reach somebody, finally, and expect him over in the wee hours. It’ll be a fortune with the middle-of-the-night emergency roto rooter job rates, not to mention the cleanup afterward and possible new plumbing runs in and around the old one/s.

And I’m out of bloody laundry. What a way to end a pleasant Saturday. Expensive, too, never mind the smell.


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10 thoughts on “A Smell To Come Home To

  1. I guess this isn’t the appropriate time to attempt to lighten the moment with a “Shit happens,” Margy? Thought so… Tiptoes away…

  2. Should I chime in with, “What a crappy way to end the day?”. How awful. We have an old sewer main and about every two years, the trees grow enough roots in it to stop things up. They have to come out and clean the line, but not before the drains all backup in the basement. Ugh. At least it’s getting cool enough to open up the house and air it out.

  3. See what happens when you’re having a nice afternoon. It all turns to crap! What a horrible situation. Aren’t you glad your husband was there to deal with the stinkiest part of it.

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