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S*** Happens, And Then The Backhoes Come

Only Ours Is On The Inside

Well, folks, we’ve got a problem. The drain man stopped by at 2:00 am, cheerful as could be. Amazing, seeing as the guy had just finished up another job an hour’s drive away in Taunton. I was halfway sacked out on the couch, waiting for the plumbing personnel to arrive. After that I fell asleep, but not after lighting a scented candle that kept the worst of it at bay.

Woke up this morning to some pretty major problems. Turns out the drain man was unable to roto-root his way to the clog. He suspects there’s a trap out there somewhere, underneath the house or underneath the yard, or underneath the street. He can’t get the snake through the trap (the U-shaped thing beneath your sink, that traps sewer gas). So, after two hours he left, but not after removing a similar ancient toilet on the other side of the condo to try and get to the main drain. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to replace the toilet due to the age of the fixtures and water was now gushing out of the other side, too.

A plumber stopped by this morning to cap the pipe leading the old toilet, but we’re without running water. The river beneath our cellar floor has slowed, but the work of bailing (done by my husband) has proven no less pleasant.

Today is Sunday, so no one’s about, but first thing tomorrow the whole crew shows up with their radio waves and their shovels, to first find where the snake gets stopped and then dig their way down to it. I have a feeling we’re in for a lengthy and expensive fix-it.

Our pipes are very old, over a century, and the plumbers are amazed they’ve lasted this long. We’re overdue for some modernization pipe-wise, along with the rest. While we’re at it, we may replace the water heater and a raised platform that holds the washer and drier up from the floor. And, the ancient stopped-up toilet on our side of the basement will soon be history. It’s a fascinating old crapper – wooden seat on spindles and a very intricate paper holder. No doubt it was the “can” for the hired help, since this house goes back to between 1895 and 1900, when folks could afford that kind of thing.

Oh, dear, dear, dear. We’ll be spending most of the day at my husband’s parents house. I have to do laundry, take a shower, get some work done. Fortunately, they have wireless internet access so I can bring a computer over and get to work.

Damn. Yesterday started out so nicely and now here we are, badly in need of a wash.


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