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The Boys In The Backyard

We’re in a royal mess out here in sewer-land. I’m camped out at my in-laws house, about to indulge in a shower. Will probably end up at the house, near the front door (and an air freshener) to welcome in an armada of plumbers and drain guys in the early am. And, my husband wants me to give the Town of Arlington a third-degree to find out if the town is responsible for any repairs. We’ll have to check our homeowners insurance to see if anything can be done that way. Hey, we might have a new garden at this rate! We’ll see if they show up with shovels.

My husband and the husband of the other owner met this afternoon out in the back yard. They’d lifted a manhole cover in the back yard (yes, we have a manhole and manhole cover in the back yard) and found – gasp! – ancient sewer pipes with some not so ancient effluent. I couldn’t believe it: two, middle-aged men standing around a foul-smelling hole in the back yard with a crowbar and a flashlight declaring, “yes, I see toilet paper down there” while the other one bent over the hole wiggling the flashlight to see which angle the sewer pipe took. Did it go out to the street on the other side of the house? Was that the sewer trap, that bend there? Or did it go out, way down the back and across the neighbor’s yard? Such deliberations! I stood a considerable distance away from the conversation, along with the neighbor’s wife. We finally took our leave, noses averted. The boys continued their deliberations for a while longer.

Apparently, the plumbers managed to blow up an old toilet in the basement of our neighbor’s house last night. The roto-rooter guy tried to get his snake through the *ahem* but had no luck. He spent two joyless hours, from 2 – 4 am, trying to get us unstuck. Finally, he tried to get to the sewer pipe via the toilet in the neighbor’s basement. I guess that’s where the main line is. Problem was, once the old relic was out, it didn’t go back. So, in addition to flowing effluent on our side, we now had a gusher on the other. Another set of plumbers came in the next morning to cap that off. We’re still oozing on our side, but less so.

I guess I’ll take advantage of hot, running water now. We shall see what tomorrow has to bring.


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5 thoughts on “The Boys In The Backyard

      1. Ever notice how when you start talking about poop, juvenile delinquents, such as myself, often revert back to an almost Torrett’s Syndrome kind of language? Poop. Pee. Fart. Heehee…

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