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I’ll Have A Valium. Double. Straight Up.

Spent today at my in-laws house, after driving here at 11:30 pm last night. I’m staying here, and I’m staying at my house. Last night I realized I’d left medication at the in-laws house, so had to drive back at that ungodly hour. It’s about a 30 minute drive without traffic and a nightmare with traffic. I was a nervous wreck by the time I got here and woke up so exhausted that I completely forgot about a meeting I was supposed to have with someone this afternoon – near my house.

I have to say, the in-laws are taking very good care of us. Only problem is with the internet connections here. I couldn’t get online with my netbook so was unable to work the entire day. I occasionally booted up a computer here to check email (and write this blog post!), but my computer has my stuff on it and it’s hard to work on anything else. So, I spent the day driving around Newton, getting lost, and finally finding a gas station, a drug store and a Trader Joe’s. I felt better after that. I only got turned around completely one time, which is some kind of new record for me. I need a GPS to find the corner drug store.

But, my family and my friends are taking care of me. I have to say, I’m very grateful. I got an email from a business friend of mine, who’s been reading about my recent travails via this blog. She facilitated an introduction to another plumber and another builder, one of whom has already called me to find out if he can help. Dawn, thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re on my list of kind hearts and logical heads.

I’ll be heading back home to Arlington with the hubby tomorrow. We have some clean up to do, both in the basement (which is still backing up, but less so) as well as the refrigerator. We haven’t been home all week to cook and we can’t empty things down the drain, so…we definitely have some science projects in there. You might not want to visit without a respirator. Just follow the bleach and that’s where we’ll be!


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One thought on “I’ll Have A Valium. Double. Straight Up.

  1. Ugh. What a complete and utter mess. Me? I’d haul ass to the rental place, get a backhoe for a week and tear everything up. It’s already crapped up. need a GPS? Me too. If I’ve been somewhere once, I can usually get there by instinct next time even if it’s been ten years. Homer Pigeon… D’oh!

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