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Tomorrow, Oh Tomorrow

Tomorrow – Thursday – the big diggers will be starting. They had to wait a day for town inspectors to be on-site. THANK GOD.

One last heart attack, though: got an email from the plumbers saying we’d have to find a service to drain our pipes before they could start working on them again. Say what? You’re plumbers and you can’t drain pipes before you work on them? After several frantic phone calls to multiple people – none of whom I could reach immediately – I got another message back. Oooops, sorry! Our construction guy will drain out the accumulated water. He’s got a pump.

So, I’m a slightly nervous wreck sitting in a rather smelly house waiting for the invasion of tomorrow morning. May there be victory at the end of the day!


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5 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Oh Tomorrow

  1. I hope things finally get worked out. I could not imagine the horror of having to deal with all this.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that this turns out the be easier fix rather than digging up even more of your yard.

  2. Man, a shitty situation no matter how you look at it. Seriously, I don’t know if I could have dealt with it like you. I’d have had the sewer dude push a sewer snake into the line with some C-4 attached and a remote detonator. Then you’d have the hole already dug to fix the piping, the problem piping would have removed itself and the sewage inside would have drained off nicely into the hole for ease of pumping. Win-Win-Win

      1. Bad part is, when they get done, you’ll have to be careful not to flush while still on the potty or you’ll get your butt sucked down into the bowl.

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