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Holy holes, Batman, the clog is no more! The construction crew will rebuild the cap for the vertical pipe and install an above-ground vent of some kind to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The liability issues are also quite clear: the culprits were a) the fence post and b) some piping that broke on our next door neighbor’s side, spilling a lot of debris into the plumbing chimney. We’re completely in the clear. The next door neighbors will be getting some very clear documentation, including photos and videos, to present to their home owner’s insurance and the fence company.

They’ll back-fill the hole today, after putting in the new cap/vent thingie and we’ll be left with the cleaning and sanitation of our basements. This will also be covered.

As of today I can flush, shower and run the dishwasher. We’ll have to wait on the laundry until the cleaners start in on the basement. The port-a-potty will be removed (thank God!) and we should be back online shortly!



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