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Slow But Sure, Normal is Returning

We’re getting there. There’s no more porta-potty in the back yard and the back porch has been reassembled. It’ll need a touch of sanding and paint, but it’ll be good as new. Our back yard has to “settle” a bit after the excavation. After it does that, we’ll do some landscaping. And, we still have to clean and sanitize the basement.

The bills for all these things are going to the neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance and fence company. Meanwhile, it’s been nice to shower and wash dishes at home, even if I can’t do my laundry there yet.


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3 thoughts on “Slow But Sure, Normal is Returning

  1. You just had to remind me of the laundry situation. ugh. I think I can get in the door to the laundry room if I wedge the truck jack in the doorway and crank it a bit. If it pops loose though, I might get my legs scissored off. I’m not sure where to begin digging in the laundry pile for the machines yet. I think I’ll follow the pipes form the ceiling down. If I can get to the ceiling.

    Good news, or bad, is that I have tomorrow and Sunday off as vacation days, so they can’t call me in to work if they wanted to. So, in between sorting Lego bricks tomorrow, doing yard work and all, I’ll also be doing laundry too. If I can only find the laundry soap in there as well…

    1. Maybe you should just hire a water jet from a drain company. It worked wonders for us. And that way you wouldn’t have to worry about finding the soap.

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