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Little Spooks

Had a passle of little cuties over tonight. The hubby carved the pumpkin and set it in the window. I had a hurricane lamp and lit it on a table on the front porch. We had a snow queen, a ninja, a dragon, a super hero, a caped Zorro-type and a lots of scary masks. The kids were adorable, some so excited they practically started running into the house. One tiny guy, the Zorro knockoff, held a bag of M&Ms in one hand and a Butterfinger bar in the other and jumped up and down yelling, “Candy! I got the candy! Ha ha! I have a candy!” His mother was on the porch and tried to convince him to save it until tomorrow. Good luck, mom.

My hubby tended to about a dozen kids who were obviously very, very excited. I was in the kitchen, sauteeing chicken for dinner. It sounded like a birthday party right out on my front porch. We had a few others after that, all younger. I’m not as fond of the older kids. They’re no longer “cute” and, at times, act like hoodlums. But, our visitors were exactly what we were hoping for. More kids than usual, which is always fun!

Here’s the pumpkin! And here’s the hurricane lamp, sitting right next to Mr. Owl.

I rather like Mr. Owl. He’s my mascot. My hubby, being the ham that he is, insisted I take one of him, too, being Mr. Scary Monster:

If that won’t keep you awake at night, I don’t know what will!


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5 thoughts on “Little Spooks

  1. LOL. Last year, I dressed up in my work coveralls and a Jason mask, complete with long plastic machete and stood out int he Middle daughters lawn, looking like one of those yard ornaments. When the kids would go tot he door for candy, I’d sneak behind them and brandish the knife so that when they turned around, there I was in all my scary glory. Did I mention that I’m 6’7″ tall and big like Jason as well? When you follow those eyes behind the masks as they travel all the way up to my mask and then the knife, you see those eyes grow about four sizes larger. LOLOL

    1. Good heavens, man – you’ll scare them all off the street! My husband did something spooky at his house one year and one of the little kids started crying. I told him if he did that here I’d kill him!

    1. Yeah, me neither. Bigger kids kind of barge into your doorway demanding candy. I haven’t had to deal with any inappropriate language issues, but I’m sure glad I’m not a school bus driver when it comes to that.

  2. That’s a great shot of your husband! We got about 20 groups of kids and they were all young to youngish which was nice but there were quite a few not dressed up. Like your kids they were all really excited as they came up the path – their giggles and squeals were quite contagious .

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