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My Favorite Candy

Put me in front of a candy counter and I pick…

Candy art

Cherry licorice. Actually, all I can seem to find are the strawberry Twizzlers that come in those little cellophane packs. I like the consistency, the gummy nature, and the taste.

The cherry ones, whenever I can find them, are the best, though!

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Candy

  1. Me too! Awesome! I like them for road trips because they don’t really melt in the car, don’t get your hands all gooey and you can chew them a lot or a little. But don’t eat too many or you’ll poop blue-green. Just saying…

    1. Sigh, now I want one. I have ten zillion teeny Kit Kat bars downstairs and all I want is a pack of strawberry Twizzlers now!

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