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Just talked to my husband, who struggled to find a term to describe the events of the last month or so. I said I was calling it our “plumbing adventure.” He thought that was good, but also hoped it would be an adventure we’d never have again.

“I think,” he mused, “I’d rather go over Niagara Falls in a barrel or walk a tightrope across an active, bubbling volcano.”

I agreed. Yes. Fit me for a barrel, please.


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9 thoughts on “Quotables

  1. Oh yeah. I am sure the adventure built a lot of character, but I’d much rather have a clean basement than character, what?
    Kzinti, stopped up toilets are bad anywhere in the world, why pick on India ? (indignant pout !)

    1. No, seriously, there is a good reason for that. Several times I’ve read about how in the poorer areas they have to service the sewer system manually. No magic sewer sucker truck to clear clogs in the main sewer lines. They have to dive in, without benefit of wetsuit mind you, holding onto a stick so that when the clog is freed, they don’t get sucked into the sewer line. If you were going to have a, pardon the pun, shitty job, that would be it. That’s why I always say things about plugged toilets in India. Could you imagine having to be the guy on call when something goes wrong? Ugh…

      1. I know, but rather than being thought of as some insensitive whacko, I have real thoughts and data behind the whacko things I say. Usually…

  2. Kzinti is actually right. The sewer is cleaned manually in many places. Many people have died because of all the toxic gases inside. Things are beginning to change though, but it would be a while before the dangerous and disgusting system is abolished fully. Heck, most of our towns and villages are still on septic tank.
    But about clogged toilets, no, it does not happen as often as it is made out to be. In fact, I believe I faced more clogged toilets in the US than I have in India !

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