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About Clouds and Silver Linings

Well, I can point to one benefit of all this plumbing crap – we have a brand, new water heater. I am one happy camper. I took a shower tonight and the water remained hot. Hot! Not kinda-sorta warmish but hot, and all the way through the shower, too! I’m all pink and wrinkly and happy as can be. To quote my little nephew: OH, WOWWWWW! Then he lights up with a huge smile. Cute kid.

We’re still waiting for the washer and drier to get hooked back up. Once they’re done I’ll have an actually laundry room. Places to wash and dry the clothes, then fold them and hang them on hangers. OH, WOWWWWWWW!


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4 thoughts on “About Clouds and Silver Linings

  1. Oh yes! for a shower that is *hot* and stays that way all the way through. Two days before we left for Australia in September out hot water tank gave up the ghost and there wasn’t enough time to get it repaired/replaced. We now have a super new one with an additional 10 gallons – it is sooooo good – the old one never felt hot enough – I never had to add cold to it which also meant that there was not a lot of water coming out. I totally understand your new bliss!

  2. I replaced our two 40 gallon tanks with a fast recovery 50 gallon tank a few years ago when I re-plumbed our house. Even with four kids having lived here, countless loads of clothes and dishes and showers, we have never run out of hot water. *sigh*

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