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Thanksgiving Greetings

Tomorrow, Thursday, people from throughout the US will come together for food, parades, football games and – hopefully – thankfulness. It’s been a tough year for a lot of us, me included, but that should encourage us to look even harder for the blessings we have in such abundance.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. For those who don’t celebrate this holiday, take a moment to say thank you to friends and family.

Talk to you all again after lots of turkey!


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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Greetings

  1. I’m definitely giving thanks. The basement drain backed up tonight. Seems that cleaning out the fridge and running all that gunk through the disposal kind of doomed it. So, first thing in the door after work tonight was getting the drain unclogged. I followed your advice and went straight out back and checked that the neighbors hadn’t started on a new fence. Nope, that looked good. So then it was to determine how bad the bad was. Very bad.

    Luckily, the son in law is on call this week and he ran over to his work to get the small rooter. After half an hour of running the drain, it started to go down. Woohoo! We ran about four washer loads of water down the drain to be sure. Awesome. I also dumped a bunch of hydrogen peroxide down the drain. I had a half gallon of the heavy duty 35% left. It sputtered and fizzled to no end. Eat up that gunk! Oxidize the crap away! The drains flow clear again. Whew.

    I told him that for helping me out like that, I really should invite him to dinner tomorrow night. LOL. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and may all your drains run true… =)

  2. 🙂

    My families both expressed gratitude for support and encouragement from family members despite hard times. Both my father and father-in-law faced serious illness last year.

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