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Me and My Staff

Feeling virtuous. I spent the day editing the first four chapters of my fantasy novel, The Staff. I might even add another chapter or two. That story’s been sitting at the bottom of my to-do pile for far too long.

It’s a good story. Now it’s even better.

Can’t have a better day than that, eh?

I’m not coughing as much, either. Thanks for all those healthy thoughts!


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2 thoughts on “Me and My Staff

  1. Glad to hear you are making headway. I have a tendency to leave projects sit unfinished way too often. It’s on my list of things to not do, which is around here somewhere. LOL

    1. Yes. At this point, I’m working on that plus a mystery novel! And, I joined a writers’ group so they’ll be keeping me going on both projects. It’s too easy to let things slip.

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