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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A Winner

And the winner is…me!

I’m dumbfounded. I never win anything. I put my name in the hat and then forget about it. I did the same while Christmas shopping a few weekends ago. I was at a combination gift and floral shop. I purchased my items, then dropped my name and email address in the bowl at the cashier’s counter. Continued on my merry way, shopping and enjoying the day and thought nothing more of it.

Then, two days ago, I got an email: Margy, you won the raffle!

Me? Me? Did they pick the wrong person by mistake? No, I guess not! I won a holiday table centerpiece, and a beautiful one at that. I came by the next day and walked home with my prize. I just live around the corner from the shop, another nifty little bonus. Here’s a picture of my unexpected prize:

Margy's Christmas Centerpiece

I’ve got a green tablecloth for the holidays, against a red dining room. It’s stunning in there! In addition to the standard holiday greens and holly reds, the shop added some red and white roses. They’re gorgeous. I couldn’t hold myself back, so took a special picture just of them:

Roses for Christmas

What a nice way to end a week, eh?


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6 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A Winner

  1. Oh Margy, congratulations! What a beautiful floral centre. Daughter2 sent me one last year and I was so excited, and it perfected our table. If I were a rich woman I would have fresh flowers in my house, every day.

    I won a security screen door once in a cockroach bait competition. We loved that door as it meant we could sleep at night in summer with the front door open allowing a breeze into the house.

    1. I think I’d have fresh flowers in my house every day, too! What a hoot – you won a security screen door! No flying critters in the FD household, I guess. At least not the insect types!

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