5 thoughts on “Just Beauseause!

  1. Oh, kids have been writing that way for years– I’ve seen evidence. Bad gossipy notes on paper, school restroom stall walls and all that. It’s just more obvious because they’re out in public on the Internet now. It’s really not that new, although, I do wonder if they can at least use a spell check app/program. Then again, some of them spell that way on purpose, because they think it’s cute.

    Sorry. Linguistics geek here, you see. I pay attention to such trivial things, and so I must say this is hardly a sudden tragedy or novel, uh… lamentable thing, if you will. It tends to fall into that old ancient “those foolish whippersnapper youth and their disregard for the old ways” category somewhat. Yes, they should learn to spell. No, they’ve been doing it for a long time, in many ages past. And the amalgamate idiosyncrasies of the English language often make it worse.

      1. Oh, indeed. I was telling a friend about this.

        I’ve met people who genuinely cannot spell at all, but as long as they acknowledge it and make an effort (i.e. use a spellcheck when appropriate), I don’t mind too much.

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