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Sunset Over Spy Pond

My snowy walk led me to Spy Pond this afternoon, just as the sun was going down. It’s a pretty place, in all weather. I appreciate the fact that it’s so close to home. In the summer I walk down to the water’s edge and watch ducks and geese through the tree branches. In the fall I come to cool down from the day’s heat and enjoy the changing colors. Winter is just as nice, at least when there’s a fresh, white fall of snow settling over the pond and the park on its edge.

Spy Pond Street
Coming Up To Spy Pond
Spy Pond Circle, Overlooking the Pond

I love the way nature changes here. In the spring this little bush is a blaze of color. In the winter it stands stark against the snow:

Bush as Spy Pond, Waiting for Spring

But, what’s sunset without the sun? Here are two pics I snapped at just that right moment:

Spy Pond Sunset

Good night!



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