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Sweet Dreaming

Well! I’m the proud owner of a new mattress and box spring. My last purchase was well over a decade ago and the old thing was sagging in some very uncomfortable places. My back is not a happy camper under the best of circumstances, so hopefully this will help.

Damn, but mattresses are expensive! Over a thousand bucks for anything halfway decent and that’s not including the box spring. We’d about given up. I couldn’t see spending that kind of money, so I suggested we wait until something better came up. Turns out that was a good strategy. Macy’s (a department store) ended up having a floor sale over the weekend and we got what we both wanted for a lot less than anything else we’d seen. Even better – we bought a model that had two different settings, with one side firm and the other side plush. Perfect for the two of us, who have very different preferences that way.

This new mattress and box spring are a lot taller, too. They started adding some foam to the top of mattresses a few years ago and that made them higher. The box spring is also higher, for whatever reason. The sheets fit – thankfully – but I’m probably going to get a nosebleed once I finally get up there!


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4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreaming

  1. Nothing like a good mattress. Sounds like you got a good one and a good one is always a wise investment. It also sounds like you may need a step ladder to get into it. 😉

  2. I would love my Select Number mattress set more if I could figure out a way not to roll into that unavoidable gap between my side and hers.

    Otherwise, it’s full of win.

    1. Yes, I could see that would be a problem. Fortunately, ours is new enough so that hasn’t happened. Actually, the bed is so comfortable I have a hard time convincing myself to get up and start my day!

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