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Full Moon Rising

Going a little crazy with the camera today, but cabin fever does that to a body. The hubby noticed the moon this evening, while we were having dinner. I couldn’t see it from where I was sitting. I moved to one side and saw a big, beautiful full moon, clear as a bell against a darkening sky. Beautiful!

A camera doesn’t do it justice. Well, okay, my camera doesn’t do it justice. It’s an 8 mega-pixel point and shoot, not a $10,000 Ricoh (or whatever real photographers use these days). Even with that, I thought it was an interesting sight, especially when I fiddled around with the camera settings a bit.

This was taken using a manual setting, no flash:

Moon Rising
Moon Rising

It’s very blurry, unfortunately, but it was the best my camera could do. But then I tried it with the flash and got this ghostly, eerie image:

Ghost Moon
Ghost Moon



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8 thoughts on “Full Moon Rising

  1. The moon is simply awesome. I tried taking a picture of the big moon with my cell phone camera, but you know how it is with cell phone looked like cheese gone bad.

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