5 thoughts on “Big Foot

    1. Why, that’s my foot! It looks enormous, although in reality it’s quite small (let the rest of me).

      1. Oh, lol. A few years back my sister was snorkeling in Hawaii and when being fitted for the flippers the guide joked that she didn’t need any because her feet were big enough to suffice. She didn’t find it funny but of course the rest of the family did upon hearing of it.

  1. Very snazzy joggers Margy – and I’m sure your foot is no-where near the size of the poor Princess…. she wears a size 9.5 or 10 !!! It’s really difficult for her to buy shoes in Australia so I usually buy them here and mail them to her.

    1. Actually, I wear a size 5 or 6, which works for me, since I’m quite small overall – less than 5 feet tall these days!

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