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Garden, Ho(e)!

After a week of rain, I work up to sunshine, warmth and clear, blue skies. I took one look at the weather and headed out to the garden shop. Time to get going on the garden, after over a week of cold and rain. I loaded up on an arrangement of annuals for the planters out front and a bunch of veggies for the garden at the side of the house. After several hours of heaving, bending, grunting and digging I must say the final result was worth the effort. I have flowers! I have color! I have veggies!

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3 thoughts on “Garden, Ho(e)!

  1. Well it looks like you are reaping the benefits. All your hard work in the garden is paying off. I see the little stone owl has made an appearance too. I remember when he was almost fully covered in snow a few months back.

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