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Our Weekend South Shore Ramble

This weekend was lovely but hot. For the first time, it looks as though it’s going to stay hot, too. I guess we’ve finally arrived a summer. Here’s the weather progression for spring to summer in New England:

50-degrees, 50-degrees, 50-degrees, 50-degrees, 90-degrees, 90-degrees, 90-degrees, 90-degrees…

You get the idea.

Both Aram and I decided to spend one day of our three-day, Memorial Day weekend out and about somewhere. Aram had never really toured the south shore (the part just before you get to Cape Cod), so we drove out to see what we could see.

It was lovely. We both agreed it wasn’t as nice as the north shore, but it had its charms. So, I put together a slide show for you and hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did!


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4 thoughts on “Our Weekend South Shore Ramble

  1. Very nice! Where were these taken if you don’t mind me asking? This looks like the area I stayed in last year near Plymouth. (this of course makes me a bit homesick, too). 😉

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