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Just Add Charcoal

I’m spending the day sitting in front of a fan in the living room. It’s in the 90s (F) out there and, with one brave expedition to water the garden, I have not moved any more than absolutely necessary. The hubby’s gone for a swim at a local lake, but I’m relaxing instead and trying not to think too hard about much of anything.

Tip of Canoe
Not-so-tippy canoe

I’m sitting here thinking about yesterday and a lovely canoe trip we took. It was a nice day, relatively cool, and we both wanted a day out. The hubby came up with the waterfront-view idea and – several hours later – we were on our way. No, we don’t travel fast!

The day was lovely, with enchanting views of the river and its banks. There were some unsettling moments, though. Earlier in the spring a tornado had whipped through the area. We paddled past the remains of houses and uprooted trees. In one case, an entire hillside was covered with debris from at least one house. There were a lot of trees in the water, making things a bit eerie as well as peaceful.

We got past that part, though, and thoroughly enjoyed our trip through a peaceful, winding river.

Canoe Trip
View from the Water

The route we took was a designed canoe path, complete with “rest stops” comprised of benches and fire pits. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that!

Canoe Trail

Now, is that cool or what? We stopped to stretch a bit and just look out over the peaceful lake.

After a beautiful but energetic day of paddling, we stopped in the nearest town – Sturbridge – for a meal. Found a Thai restaurant and scarfed down pad Thai and garlic beef with a few bottles of Chang beer. Salut!

A Boston Girl and Her Canoe


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2 thoughts on “Just Add Charcoal

  1. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon. I had lived not too far from the Assabet River and people would bring there canoes down there. One did have to be careful though. There was a waterfall on a certain stretch.

    (your posts always make me long for my hometown)

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