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57 Candles

…on the cake today! I decided to celebrate my birthday by visiting my friend Mary Glen for a garden tour. She’s a member of a local garden club. The weather was warm and dry, the sky a brilliant blue. In a word: perfect!

Our tour consisted of one backyard garden, but it was enough to get me thinking and planning about what (more) I’d like to do with mine. After the backyard garden we drove to my house so I could show her my window boxes, front yard with three rose bushes, ornamental grass and day lilies and side yard full of herbs and reddening tomatoes. We drove back and took a weeding tour around the garden surrounding my friend’s condo. In the all in all, a lovely day of admiring, planning and pruning.

The hubby met us for dinner, at a Tibetan restaurant in Davis Square, Somerville. We will definitely be back there again – what fabulous food!

Anyway, Mary Glen’s garden had some amazing day lilies and I just couldn’t resist:

Orange Striped Day Lily
Orange-Striped Day Lily in Mary Glen's Yard

Happy summer!


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4 thoughts on “57 Candles

  1. Happy Birthday Margy!

    That flower is gorgeous with it’s fiery colors. Hope your dinner was wonderful. I used to eat at a restaurant called Pho Pasteur in Davis Square. Not sure if it is still there or now. I hope you had a wonderful time!

    1. Pho Pasteur is still around, although I don’t think they’re in Davis Square anymore. They have a restaurant in Harvard Square and another one in Chinatown. I used to eat at the one in Cambridge all the time when I worked for Harvard. Ah, memories!

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