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Ho, Ho, Ho And all That Yada-Yada

My lucky streak with colds seems to have ended. I’m working my way through my second one in as many months. I’m at the head-plugged stage where I’m feeling better but sound worse. This is actually the worst part of having a cold for me. My hearing is rather sensitive and I go nuts when my ear pressure changes, as it’s doing now. I can’t focus and my balance is off because of the fluid in my inner ear.

As a result, I focused on some Christmas decorating yesterday, since it’s pretty mindless and doesn’t get upset whenever I have to stop to blow my nose or pop my ears.  Plus, I was was feeling poorly and wanted lights and pretty trees, dammit! The hubby and I did a bit of Hanukkah shopping for his family yesterday morning, then we picked up two mini-trees for the living room. I managed to string them with lights and only broke two ornaments as I tried to string tinsel garland around them. My husband came to the rescue with that, otherwise I would have probably tipped the damn trees over.

I spent a restless night not being able to sleep or breathe, but was rewarded with the sight of two pretty little Christmas trees when I came downstairs for coffee. I also wrapped a few presents, to add even more color. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Then I put out a colorful tablecloth on the table in the dining room, popped a bouquet of flowers into the middle of it and lit a candle. Then I saw down and read, blew my nose, took little bitty naps and enjoyed the view.

Christmas Tree
Awww, Cute Little Tree!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Yuletide greetings and happy Kwanzaa (is that right?), wherever – and whoever – you are! Love, peace and plenty of eggnog. Ahhh, the world’s feeling better. Now tell me more about your holiday preps?



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2 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho And all That Yada-Yada

  1. Now tell me more about your holiday preps?

    Errr, it’s haphazard… I’m still behind. I read your post and thought, “Wow, a lot of Ex-Voxers are getting sick!” A cold is STILL sweeping our house… Boy seems to be on his second week, but Cimmy and I fell very ill just last Sunday. Princess… ha, she’s not completely well but she is still healthier than the lot of us.

    1. And can you believe I’m now on iteration #2? Two nights ago I started coughing – just when I thought I was finally over this crap – and have gone in and out of losing my voice since then. Blast!

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