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Why, Yes, I Think I WILL Blow My Own Horn

Normally, I’m not one to call attention to myself personally. Oh, I’ll share my ideas and my finds, but boasting is not something that makes me at all comfortable. However, I will take exception this one time. Me and my business organization (Arlington Entrepreneurs) showed up on page one of a local paper here called The Arlington Advocate. Not only was I on page one, but the article was above the fold (even if they did mis-spell my last name!)

I was interviewed for the article about a week ago, and posed for the photograph a few mornings after that. The article came out last Thursday. Of course, I went and bought four copies of the paper! I checked the paper’s website today and the entire article is now available to read online.

So, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to blow my own horn and invite you to really all about me, uh, I mean us!

Making business connections in Arlington

Arlington —
Image of Arlington Entrepreneurs members
AE Members (left to right) Susan Elberger, Margy Rydzynski and Linda Varone

After a long day of work, Margy Rydzinski trudged through her front door, looked at a kitchen full of home-baked delicacies and exotic teas waiting to be packed, and thought: “I can’t do this anymore.”

Today Rydzynski runs Brave New Web, a social media and networking consulting service, out of an office on the third floor of her home. She heads the Arlington Entrepreneurs, an association that connects and educates hundreds of area business owners.

Read more: Making business connections in Arlington – – The Arlington Advocate


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