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I Cheated – So Sue Me

I’m slowly re-adjusting to life in Boston. I usually garden during the summer, but almost 8 weeks away from the soil left me with a whole lot of weeds and the prospect of some back-breaking work to clear them out.

Fuck that. I cheated! Called in a handyman and had him do the grunt work.

So, now my side yard is nice and clean, just waiting for veggies and herbs to plant. The front yard is weeded and mulched.

There, now. I feel so much better!


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2 thoughts on “I Cheated – So Sue Me

  1. No money to do the same, or sue you, for that matter.

    We are behind, but we must do it ourselves, or… it simply doesn’t get done. There is Bank O’ Dad but we try accessing that on a limited basis.

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