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The Count So Far: Romney one, Biden one

Now I’m really interested in seeing what happens next week. Will Obama find his balls? Will Mitt Romney come in hooked up to a lie detector?


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4 thoughts on “The Count So Far: Romney one, Biden one

  1. I’m not interested. I am eager for it to end. Mitt Romney is a near (yet not too near) relative. I am still upset by the candid “47% pay no taxes” remark– if he was close family, I might be so bold as to ask for an apology. I’m doing my best and that was a real slap in the face to me and a friend of mine.

    I am 100% independent of most mainstream partisan blocs. There really isn’t anyone up for the final vote whom I actually wanted. It usually blurs to so much self-righteous preaching vs. smug self-satisfied intellectualism. I will leave it at that.

  2. Honestly, even given what everyone has told me, I realize that I still know next to nothing about either candidate. So I have about a month to find out more about them both and make up my mind. There has been both good and bad spoken and written about both men and I want my vote to reflect my values (Values in politics? What’s the world coming to?) I’m more or less approaching this the way I might approach a job interview if I was the interviewer. Given that I’m one voter in a million and that the majority of Washington voters are card-carrying democrats, I don’t flatter myself into believing that my vote will make much difference. Still, I feel a moral obligation to cast my vote and, thus, make my voice heard. That’s generally as far as I ever go regarding politics, since the whole process seems to be too much about how well can you snow the voters instead of which person is most qualified. I can guarantee you that I’ll never run for office. If I ever did, I would expect my husband to have me committed, on the assumption that something was seriously wrong with me.

    1. Actually, I really do wish we had more, better people running for office. A little less hype and a lot more straight information would be most helpful, no?

      1. indeed it would. I’ve been tempted for the past couple days to call the party headquarters and ask them to sell me on their candidate. Just so I could get a good idea of what sort of people they are believed to be.

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