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  1. I’ll be honest; NaNoWriMo never appealed to me for some reason. But I still have an epic fantasy that’s still not finished after almost 5 years. Think traditional mythological symbolism as Joseph Campbell observed, but with a lot more gritty contemporary social commentary.

    I wrote in bits and pieces, scenes and segments in different time orders as they came to me, like a giant mixed incomplete puzzle. Grabbed a hold of a program called Storybook to try to assemble it in a more coherent order so maybe others would finally read it. I didn’t get far. The story has been personal therapy in some ways and it’s very emotionally draining.

    I’m sure consistent practice is sound advice. But maybe you remember I had to let go of my current writing at We Heart Music so I could tend to family stuff.

    1. Someday you might want to try it. I’ve never really thought that seriously about NaNoWriMo until this year when the bug hit. Dunno why. It just did.

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