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NaNoWriMo? I’m In!

National Novel Writing Month 2012
I’m In!

November is almost here and revving myself up for NaNoWriMo. For those not in the know, this stands for National Novel Writing Month and it’s been going on for years. It’s also a world-wide effort, to get people to write, write, write!

My ability to write, write, write has always been hampered by work, work, work. However, I now realize that most of my day, my work day, is actually taken up by reading and writing. Granted, I’m reading newspaper articles about work-like things (economic policy, tech industry developments, software enhancements, etc., blah, blah, blah. And, my writing mostly consists of lesson plans for continuing education students. Still, it’s writing. I’m putting thoughts together and organizing them into a coherent whole. I can do that for fictional characters and situations as well, and often have. Problem is – I’ve rarely finished a creative writing project because I’ve been everywhere else and back again (including my parents house in Buffalo). I’ve started plenty of those projects, though, so at least I have a place to start.

I’m going to start with a story called The Staff. It’s a pre-industrial dystopian fantasy that’s got about four chapters written. It’s been so long since I’ve worked on it that I’ve actually lost the last chapter on my computer! I also made a promotional video for it a few years ago, back when I was really into that:

I hope the story is as creepily good as the video!

Anyone else out there planning to participate? Want to be writing buddies? We all need a friendly nudge!


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2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo? I’m In!

  1. I am NaNo-ing this year. Arrowsmith37
    I just realized the other day how much I actually write while I’m working as well. Between to-do lists and emails at my full-time job (as a retail manager) and emails and edits at my part-time job (freelance editing), I could probably do NaNoWriMo ten times over during the month if I just copied and pasted every word I wrote. It is, however, much more difficult when you have a time schedule and you are focusing on one specific story.

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