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I have to say, I find this very comforting.

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

National Oatmeal Day

Five Food Finds about Oatmeal

  • Oatmeal is still a bargain at less than 15 cents a serving.
  • An 18-ounce package of Old Fashioned Quaker® Oats contains about 26,000 rolled oats.
  • Oatmeal cookies are the #1 non-cereal usage for oatmeal, followed by meatloaf and fruit crisp.
  • Seventy-five percent of U.S. households have oatmeal in their cupboard.
  • The portrait of the Quaker man on the Quaker® Oats package has been updated just three times since its creation in 1877, once in 1946, again in 1957 and, most recently, in 1972.

Today’s Food History

1872 An all metal windmill was patented by J.S. Risdon

1929 Black Tuesday — The Great Crash.

1947 The first successful cloud seeding (with dry ice) took place at Concord, New Hampshire.

1977 Meat Loaf released ‘Bat Out Of Hell.’

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