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The Final Frontier of Fashion

You know me. I’m an old Star Trek fan from way back, as in the original series that aired in the late 1960s. I guess this makes me a baby boomer. Back then it was pure magic, particularly compared to the flying saucer idiocy of other SF TV shows like Lost in Space (I did like Dr. Smith, though).

Star Trek was something altogether different. It was serious and, once we got a color TV, it was visually stunning. Some of the best sci-fi authors of the day wrote episodes for Star Trek and the quality of the first two seasons was beyond anything I’d ever seen before.

Star Trek used to be on in Toronto, ONT a day before it was on in Buffalo, NY where I lived. I watched it twice, once with the snowy reception that was typical of rabbit ears, and again the next day with our local NBC station. I think it was NBC, wasn’t it?

Imagine my surprise when I turned up this retrospective in an online sci-fi gossip magazine. The women of Star Trek were pretty skimpy in the day, with clothing that must have been interesting to someone who was male and a lot older than me at the time.

Hot damn! Captain Kirk always got the girls, although some of the guys were pretty hunky, too.

Yes, there’s something for everyone here. I’ll take the one on the right, thank you.

Oh, hey, remember him? There was a great, great monster that was part of that show. Star Trek went beyond that, though. The ugly, hideous monster turned out to be a dummy, something big and ugly to scare off aliens because who’d be scared of this cute little kid? And the hideous alien, named Balok? Take a Valium and then take a look at this ugly, alter-ego sucker:

Man, he’s enough to send kids screaming to their rooms, isn’t he?


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