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Update From The Bunker

Greetings from my locked down house in Arlington. Technically, Arlington isn’t locked down, but a lot of our surrounding communities are. Watertown and Cambridge are filled with police and SWAT teams and the thought is more than a little shocking. I’ve been listening to the news and watching video coverage all day. I know exactly where those places are, so well that I can visualize them as they describe it. I’m having a hard time imagining a shoot-out on Memorial Drive. This is an expressway that runs along the Cambridge side of the Charles River. Sure there’s traffic, but – bomb-throwers on Memorial Drive?

And, tragically, another death. Another security officer from MIT. MIT, for fuck’s sake! What the hell for? And two Eastern European brothers who’ve lived here for over a decade? Who graduated from Cambridge Rindge & Latin? Dartmouth College? This is insane which makes me wonder if those two were insane as well, at least the older brother.

Boston is a glorified college town and open-air history museum. It’s a fun place and people who live here love it. I can’t imagine it as a terrorist target, though. What are they going to bring down? What could they bring down?

My Home Town Today


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