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Places Where Ghost Stories Start



Why is the basement always the scariest part of a building?

Okay, they are dark, they are dingy, but why would a ghost want to live in one?

Buildings, like the bluestone that belongs to Deaf Children Australia has an incredible basement, much like many of the old buildings have.  It is very large and I can see how it would be creepy, especially with the lights turned off.  Though it is not right into the ground and there are windows, so does that still qualify?

Down the Corridor in the Basement.On the DVD that Deaf Children Australia have produced they have ex students talking about their experiences there.  Many of the boys, well men now, talked about sitting up late at night and telling ghost stories.  They would then dare each other to go down to the basement.  They must have been terrified.  Though, scary noises wouldn’t have been a problem.

Playing Room WindowIt would have…

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