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House Republicans Rigged Rules To Continue Shutdown

it just goes from bad to worse.



This story is picking up steam and moving from ‘in the weeds’ to out front so everyone can start talking about it.

As my readers know when it comes to the process of government I can be rather particular.  Bitchy might be the other word.  There is a need for a clear and transparent process to government for it to function with credibility.

So it caught my attention when over the past couple days a story about how the GOP made a rule change about how the federal government shutdown could end, (or be lengthened) started percolating.   At first I thought it was not accurate and just another in a series of attempts to sway partisans without the facts.  But as I read more and came to better understand the matter it is clear that the process of government has really been turned upside down.

And steering the topsy-turvy ride are…

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5 thoughts on “House Republicans Rigged Rules To Continue Shutdown

  1. I read an interesting article that compared today’s Tea Party to the James Calhoun secessionists of the Jacksonian era. If the analogy holds true, then our current presidental administration must pull a masterful stroke as Jackson did: pull an option that leads the Tea Partiers to believe they have won victory, and to go home.

    But I think we might have difficulty in today’s modern world where most people are overwhelmed by mass media (and very engrossed in consuming it on mobile technology), mass busy work at home, school, and employment, and are heavily medicated, even to the point where they are largely UNAWARE of the plight of their fellow human beings.

    The U.S.A., no, even the Western world at large, needs to get their shit together at home first, before David citizens can slay Goliath megaconglomerMightyMorphin Power Stankers.

      1. I have a church/school friend who apparently is a Tea Party activist. I had no idea; he is quiet, unassuming, and very loyal as to friendship. I found out about this on Facebook; this was one of many reasons why I destroyed my account. I had to politely tell him I didn’t have the time anymore, that my father was gravely ill.

        I met him again in person about six months ago; he didn’t bring any of it up, but then I was telling him that a mutual friend of ours had T-cell lymphoma, and so I made arrangements for him to get back in touch. Reminds me that I should call him up again and let him know our friend is in stem cell therapy right now…

        So, yes indeed, hard to know what they will think. My friend is still my friend, and I think we have a mutual agreement that politics is not a very good discussion for most anyone right now. (He left Facebook, too, for reasons similar to mine.)

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