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Day Two of Bread

Yup, I’m still in the mood. This time I’m going for a heartier loaf, so I chose a wheat germ bread from Bernard Clayton’s Complete Book of Breads. In addition to the wheat germ it also has significant amount of whole wheat flour, with a bit of white to soften it up.

I suspect this bread will be darker and a bit sweeter than the white beginner’s loaf I churned out yesterday. There’s about 1/3 cup of molasses, in addition to a few teaspoons of white sugar.

Off I Go!
Off I Go!

The wheat germs soaks in warm milk, then gets added to a combination of butter, salt, sugar, molasses and yeast.


Rich and sweet
Rich and sweet

This kind of bread really gives my heavy-duty mixer a run for its money. I’ve beaten the crap out of that thing and, although it complains from time to time, it still keeps churning.

Anyway, I beat the bread into submission, both with the mixer as well as my own two hands (I always finish the final knead by hand) and tossed it into a greased bowl. Covered it with wax paper covered with a towel and put it into a warm place to rise.

Brown Bread, Eventually.
Brown Bread, Eventually.

So, I’m waiting for the sucker to rise. It’ll be about 1 1/2 hours and while I’m waiting I can do something else. Let’s see what else, what else? Dishes? Dinner prep? Work at the computer? Oh, wait (*facepalm*), I can blog – duh!


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