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Ring of Fire, or Trial by Fire?

Okay, Blogging 101 universe, now I have to write a post based on this prompt:

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

I’m going to digress a bit from this, since I’ve decided to try and go vegetarian this month (May). I’m not sure it’ll work, not because I’m game but because the hubby has his doubts. He wants his honey ham on a bagel each morning. So, we negotiated: I’ll make vegetarian whenever I’m cooking, he’s free to do what he wants when it’s his turn. I want to see what happens to our food bill, among other things. More than that, though, I just want a break from the usual routine.

I have a few hot-type items to add to my meals: dried chilis, Sriracha sauce and Tabasco, but I’m not one for a lot of heat. A tiny bit livens things up a bit, but too much and the hubby will end up driving me to the hospital. I have a very picky stomach. It doesn’t like deep-fried food, fried eggs, pork bacon or sausage or very hot food. I manage to do without these for the most part. When I haven’t, I’ve paid a very high price.

There’s so much in the world to eat and enjoy. I’m happy with what I’m eating and, if anything, want more variety along the same lines of my current diet of leafy greens, grains, legumes and all colors of vegetables. I went to a local farm stand to start the journey today and came home with Tuscan kale and collard greens (among other things). I’ve got a very nice recipe in which I can use either or both of those. I’m going to enjoy my veggies!

I also stopped in at Trader Joe’s and got some interesting new rice combinations. I’ve never tried black rice, so I bought some and added another bag of a brown rice mixture. Looks interesting.

Rice packages
The Rice Part of Rice and Beans

So, please do give me some recipes if you’ve got them and I’ll share mine with you.


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11 thoughts on “Ring of Fire, or Trial by Fire?

  1. Do bell peppers (curse you, ancient Spain, they are chilis, just very mild and sweet!) grow well in your area? Although I quite enjoy heat– mostly in the jalapeño to habañero Scoville range, I found bells to be a very worthwhile investment.

      1. Hotboxes (makeshifts from window panes) and windowsill gardens are still possible. Just sayin’, I understand space limitations.

  2. Is it a good idea to ask an Indian for non-spicy vegetarian food ideas ?
    I sometimes make stuff from dub dub dub vegegariantimes dot com.

      1. Try this. This is the staple stew of South Indians and is called “Rasam”, and not considered “fancy”.
        Throw in a couple of tablespoons of butter in a wok and clarify it (heat until it becomes clear…careful, it burns easily)..else if you already have clarified butter (ghee), use it.
        In a tablespoon of clarified butter, roast three tablespoons of lentil (any lentil of your choice, but red gram works best) along with one teaspoon of pepper corn. Add a couple of pods of garlic to this when it is roasting. Grind to paste with a little water, along with a teaspoon of cumin. You should be able to get cumin in the Indian grocery store.
        Dissolve a spoon of tamarind paste in a glass of water, add salt to taste, and boil. (A non conventional way is to use tomato puree if you don’t have tamarind). When it boils, add the above paste and boil a little longer, say five minutes, so that the herbs infuse into it.
        Ideally, you should also sputter mustard seeds in ghee and add to this in the end and then add curry leaves, but no harm done if you don’t.
        This would be a very spicy, watery concoction, and will clear your sinus in a jiffy ! If you want more body, you could pre-cook more lentils and add to it to make it like lentil soup.
        This is one recipe you’ll never read in any book..this is a home-concoction, and so typically South Indian.

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