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Bad Novel

No, not the one I’m writing. I’m in airline delay limbo and they’ve just handed out meal vouchers. Of course, I had dinner during the last one hour delay, so I’m full. At this point I might spring for a brewski, only because I can’t think of anything else to do.

First, they boarded the plane and we sat there for an entire hour while the airline tried to decide to repair or replace a part. Then they kicked us off and we got stuck in line waiting for an update. Then another delay, at which time I had dinner. Then they started boarding the plane and halfway through stopped again. Now they had to wait for an inspector to drive in from the next town over to inspect the part.

I’m still at the airport, four hours after my brother dropped me off. I’m texting them back and forth just to stay sane. I want to go home!


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One thought on “Bad Novel

  1. Commiserations! I got stuck at Shanghai airport for 7 hours once because of a storm in Beijing. Managed to sleep a bit on plane and finally arrived Beijing 4.00 am. Our tour started that same day. Lol!

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