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Bad Omens

hole in ceiling
Yes, Folks, That’s A Hole

I have this feeling that November is going to suck, at least based on how it started. In the past 18 days I’ve been in the Emergency Room of Mt. Auburn Hospital experiencing visual hallucinations, in and out of doctors’ offices, had multiple blood tests, a psych eval, a CT scan and an MRI. Tomorrow I’m off to the neurologist for yet another exam, followed by my second visit to my doctor.

The first set of blood tests showed no drugs in my system, at least none that would produce hallucinations. I’m not psychotic, my CT scan was normal, as was the MRI. No tumors or anything else that was notable. I was completely in-reality and lucid when I was hallucinating, so I’m not nuts, at least not yet anyway.

There do seem to be some elevated readings in my liver, which could be a sign of a viral infection. That would explain my feeling low-energy and under the weather these last few weeks. Not enough to put me out, just enough to make me miserable. The second series of blood tests confirmed that those levels were coming down, but still high. Lots of white blood cells, too, fighting off something.

And the hallucinations? No clue. I felt like somebody had slipped me a dose of LSD and I was having a bad trip. It was pretty awful – things coming to life and spinning around, then coming after me. After a while those weird spinning things started looking like spiders and snakes. I remember looking at my glasses after I started seeing those things and noticed that they seemed to be melting, or at least dripping some bright, golden color. My husband drove me to the hospital and I kept seeing things in the street – people, animals, even a shopping cart. They looked like wire-frames of the same, not fully filled in, except for the shopping cart, which is wire. I saw things at the hospital, curling around the nurses and other specialists who were examining me. I knew this was wrong, but I had no idea why it was happening. I still don’t. Maybe the neurologist will have some ideas. I sure hope so.

As if that weren’t bad enough, we started getting a leak of some kind through our kitchen ceiling, just below the bathroom on the second floor. We got a plumber in, who replaced the seal beneath the toilet. He said to call him again if that didn’t work.

It didn’t. Two days later we were back to a dripping ceiling, now bowing under the weight of wet plaster and water. I called the plumber back three times yesterday – no response. Called again this morning and begged – yes, begged – for someone to come over. “My ceiling is going to come down!” I moaned. “Please, please, can you send somebody over? I’m getting really desperate and I don’t know what to do.”

water damage on ceiling
Not a Happy Kitchen Today

That did it. Two plumbers showed up at the back door 15 minutes later. They started in on the ceiling and found the problem. Oh, dear. We have a problem, ladies and gentlemen. Our main plumbing pipes, the ones that are over a century old, have sprung leaks and will have to be replaced. That means the corner wall of our kitchen will come a’tumbling down and spanking, new pipes will be joining the plumbing forest we’ve already got in the basement.

The plumbers installed shut-off valves to the second floor water, so we can use it when necessary and then shut it off. I have to call the head, boss-man tomorrow morning between 7:30 and 8:00 am to arrange a time for him to come by and set up a work plan.

Fortunately, most of the work will be covered by our insurance. And, yes, it’s an old house (built between 1890 – 1900). A lot of the plumbing is new, a lot isn’t. Ditto for our electricity. Some of it’s still the old knob and tube stuff they used a century ago.

So, a mysterious date with Timothy Leary’s ghost, a virus that may be affecting my liver (or something else affecting my liver, who knows?), a new take on the concept of a dropped ceiling and – oh yes – paid work I still have to get done on time. We’re approaching the holidays, my clients need to market their way to eventual profitability, I need to finish up a wordpress multi-site installation and I need to move my network from one platform over to WordPress so it’ll all be in one place. I also have to launch my forum subscription series for graduates of my class.

At least it’s quiet…for now.


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4 thoughts on “Bad Omens

  1. It could be the mold that takes hold with a wet situation in your walls and ceiling. People who are very sensitive to the toxins that mold puts off can have a range of symptoms. Fatigue is one, migraines is another. You can hallucinations with a migraine and not realize that you have a migraine. The liver’s job is to remove the toxins. Bring this up with your doctors.

    I live in Florida and mold can be a real problem in homes here. As soon as I seen the picture that red flag went up. I bet it is mold. You may have to stay with a someone until all the repairs are made.

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