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The Boathouse (Nikon)

Really, really pretty New England scene. Enjoy!

iPhone Photographer | David Pasillas


Today’s image is from Little Lake in New Hampshire. It’s right next to Chocorua Lake…aka Chocolate Lake. If that sounds familiar, it’s because I posted an iPhone version of this while I was there. I know it doesn’t look like sunrise, but it was. There were just some clouds in the way.

Sometimes, when my body hurts, and I’m exhausted, I wonder why I get up for sunrises. The stillness of the early morning hours reminds me every time. I don’t care how cold or dark it may be, when I wake up. The moments of calm before the storm are worth it.

In a way, those quiet moments, when I’m alone with my camera are my moments of meditation. It’s my way of shutting the world out, letting my thoughts go, entering the flow state, and becoming one with whatever my subject is. I believe that connection is important…

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