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Golf Balls

golf ball in grass
My new shoe accessory

Yes, you heard that right. Golf balls. Right now two of them each are crammed into the front of my athletic shoes. You won’t believe how much I’ve wanted to get my hands on these little, bitty balls since my podiatrist suggested I use them to break in my shoes. After the golf balls, I’m going to shove in tennis balls.

I have almost flat feet and that’s done a number on my toes. They’re all bent towards the big toes. The big toes, however, are bent in the opposite direction, almost but not quite cramming into my middle toe. That leaves a steadily worsening bunion on both feet. I haven’t been able to wear new shoes comfortably in over a year. After a few hours, my otherwise well-fitted shoes are wearing against the bunion, causing a great deal of pain. I have one pair of athletic shoes that I can wear. They’re practically collapsed and have huge holes in the front, near the toes. People look down on them politely and I explain that the problem isn’t the shoes, it’s the feet.

I finally broke down and went to see a new podiatrist, one that’s covered by my health insurance. He was a wonderful, informative fellow who suggested the golf ball-tennis ball approach. There were some other devices I could try if the above-mentioned items don’t work. No mention of surgery, or of new orthotics. I’ve worn orthotic arch supports for years. My first podiatrist replaced them every year which, I’ve since learned, did a lot more for his pockets than it did for my feet. My second podiatrist excoriated the first and said changing orthotics that frequently was ridiculous. How did that guy sleep at night, he wondered? My third – and current – podiatrist said he had a pair of orthotics he’d worn for 25 years. In many cases, he said standard arch supports you buy at drug stores were sufficient. Alas, in my case they are not. But, my orthotics are fine.

I’ll try on the new athletic shoes in a few days, after they’ve (hopefully) broken in) and see how they feel. I’m crossing my fingers and getting ready to dance!

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A Soak That Smells Like Dessert

Cocoa Butter
Aromatic, to Say the Least

It’s been a long week and a half, with overwhelming amounts of work and visits to three medical practitioners over three consecutive days. I don’t mind the work, but my stamina has a way to go before I can sound the all-clear bell. So, I decided to indulge myself with a scented foot bath yesterday, followed by a foot rub with something moisturizing and creamy. I set up the room, lit a candle, played meditative music through my cell phone and set up the scented water. Ahhhh, nice. I occasionally added warm water to freshen the bath and had added glass pebbles to the tub to massage my feet. It was a lovely, lovely time.

Once I was finished, I dried my feet, dumped out the water and grabbed a new jar of cocoa butter to rub all over my feet. I usually use shea butter but this time decided to try something different. I rubbed and rubbed and enjoyed the cocoa scent. Then I cleaned my hands and put on a new pair of socks. Damn if I didn’t smell like chocolate for the rest of the day! Interesting experience, but a bit overwhelming. I think I may go back to the shea butter and see what other uses I can put the cocoa butter to.

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I have discovered essential oils. Blame it on Portland and that foot soak. I also tried a reflexology massage session back here and floated home afterwards. So far I’ve got my hands on lavender, tea tree, bergamot and peppermint oils. I’m incorporating them into my own foot soaks. Heavenly! I also got a jar of Shea butter and rubbed it all over my feet and toes after the soak. Home spa, complete with a candle and appropriate woo music in the background. Works for me!

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A Walk in the (Not Quite) Woods

I managed to get out of the house today, wonder of wonders and treated myself to a walk along a bike path that runs past our street. The path used to be a railroad line, so the terrain is nice and flat. There’s a very nice little park behind my street which looks out over spy pond. You couldn’t ask for a prettier scene. Trees, water, birdsong and peaceful nature. I’ll take it.