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A Month of Letters – Back this February!

I love this challenge. Participants agree to snail-mail an honest-to-god real letter, card or postcard to someone every single day in February. In the past I’ve had correspondents from as far away as India.

I haven’t done it in a while, but would love to take a shot at it this year. Only 7 days to go until it’s February!

Want to participate? You send me a letter and I’ll send you one. Here’s the website, which looks a whole lot like BuddyPress to me. If you haven’t registered, do that:

If you’re already registered, sign in with your user name and password. Then, LOOK FOR ME! My user name is:


Request a friend connection once you find me and we’ll exchange addresses. Doesn’t matter where you live. Like I said, I’ve written to people in India from Boston, MA, USA.

Hope to drop you a line in February!


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As if I Didn’t Have Enough to Do

Camp NaNoWriMo
She’s at it again

Yeah, I’m just that crazy. I have no kitchen, a s**t-load of work to do and now I’m finishing the final draft of the novel I finished two years ago. My, but the time does fly.

I’m also trying to upload it to the web. I have to figure out how to use a certain writer-friendly set of plug-ins, but doing is learning. It’s a craft that requires patience and a high tolerance for frustration. But, hey, two chapters down and I’m already walking in my characters’ footsteps.

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Come Do the Happy Dance With Me!

I’m done!

I finished my novel, including the epilogue, yesterday. It’s a steaming pile of crap, as first drafts always are. However, there’s enough there to tuck in and polish, chuck and add, when the editing phase begins. Right now, though, I’m just sitting back and feeling very proud of myself.

Getting this done in one month was no bed of roses. I knew it would be a slog, so I hired a friend of mine who’s a writing coach to be my official nudge. She has done her job and done it well. I’m done!

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My July Marathon

Forging ahead and making my writing numbers with room to spare. It’s hard, hard work but it’s worth it. I’ve got a hired writing nudge to keep me accountable and I’m sweeping the decks except for the most time-sensitive other tasks.

I don’t know when I’ll be checking in next, other than to say it’s wonderfully cool out after a lashing rain storm last night so I’m even more comfortable for this write-a-thon!