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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Next to glass, I like lines the best. Their symmetry appeals to my over-ordered outlook on life. I was browsing the library a few days ago and decided to play around with that theme a bit:

One After the Other
One After the Other

It would look almost as good flipped on its side, since you can stack books either way.

One On Top of the Other
One On Top of the Other
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I love glass, especially when it comes to photographing things through it. It’s such an unpredictable medium, showing off itself, along with what’s behind it and what’s reflected in it.

Shop Window into the World

This is the storefront window of a arts gift shop in Arlington Center. They change their display every so often and I come by to catch up on the latest arrangement. On certain days, at certain times, you can see the world in front of, and behind, that window.

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The Landscapes of My Dreams

Green grass. Blue water. Red berries. Yellow flowers. Sigh. I know they’re coming, but the mere thought makes me nostalgic. New England is beautiful in the summer and fall. You’ve got coastlines, gardens, grand old houses and blue, blue skies. It gets very hot and muggy in Boston, heat island that it is, but the perfect days more than make up for it.

I’m going to dig into my past for these landscape pictures and try a little creative cropping, just like the exercise recommends.

The pond
The pond

Okay, here we go. I took this last summer when my husband and I visited his parents in Newton, about a 20 minute drive away. They live just up the street from Bulloughs Pond and we took a walk around it one afternoon before dinner. I’m going to try cropping it a bit:

The pond
The pond

Well, that’s a little better. The water is more pronounced although the picture seems a bit out of focus to me. Or maybe it’s just my monitor. I tried a few effects on Pixlr (highly recommended online editor, by the way. It’ll let you upload a picture from a URL).


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Here I am again, catching up over the weekend! Way back when, we were asked to capture an image that represents size and point of view. In a word: BIG.

Getting outside to take pictures is an ongoing challenge, but I had errands to run yesterday and my head was pounding anyway. So, I turned off the computer and put on my coat. That check wasn’t going to deposit itself!

The Boston area is home to many home-grown versions of religion, including and especially Unitarianism and its sister, Universalism. It’s a pretty easy-going creed. The initial idea was that God wasn’t a trinity, but a singular unit. Take that, traditional Christianity! The First Parish Unitarian Church dates back to the 1600s in Arlington, then West Cambridge. Fast forward a few hundred years and you’ve got The First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church on the corner of Pleasant Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington Center.

The original building constructed so long ago was lost in a fire at some point in the 1950s or early 1960s. I’m not up on my history when it comes to this building, or this denomination. I’m not the worshiping type. However, the church rebuilt in the early 1960s with what I consider to be a pretty ugly but rather striking construction. Minimalist, with some rather stark lines. The bell tower is unmistakable, though, and really, really big:

bell tower

The building as a whole doesn’t do much for me, but that tower is an Arlington, MA landmark. You can’t miss it!

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It’s A Mystery Here on Photography 101

Onto things mysterious. My favorite mysterious photo is of a path leading to a mysterious destination. I’ve got a few of those floating around somewhere but wanted something a bit more current. Since I actually made it outside today, at least as far as the Starbucks across the street, I kept my eyes open for images that ask questions. Like, what’s on the other side?

back of sign
What’s That You’re Trying to Say?

I found a few other intriguing images. This one was kind of fun, since it caught a lonely object on a window sill of the Arlington Center Starbucks, as well as the reflection of the store and the town center.

water bottle
Hey, You Forgot Your Water!

Then, finally, this intriguing fellow painted onto a utility box in the Center. He’s just now become visible in his entirety. He’s looking for/at something. What?

painting on utility box
Ahoy, There!

The poor guy looks a bit washed out after all the snow.


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The Tiniest Peek of Warm

Well, folks, I think spring might actually be en route. We had some snow on Sunday, but it’s all melted. The snow banks are slowly disintegrating. I’m actually starting to see sidewalks and landscaped features. It’s still cold and windy, but things are slowly looking up.

2015-03-17 16.21.05

There’s that little bit of warm, peeking out from behind the storm clouds. Meanwhile, I can hear the wind howling outside of my window and can see spatters of rain on the panes. I’m happy I’m inside, but it was nice to get out for a while.